Arriving at São Paulo

From Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

Most of the international flights to São Paulo arrives at Guarulhos International Airport, located 30 km away from the city. The airport has three terminals, with terminals 2 and 3 operating international flights.

There are many options to go from Guarulhos Airport to the city. You can see all of them via the airport website ( We recommend two of them:

1)      Taxi service: Once you leave the arrivals area, look for the taxi companies that operates outside the airport. The estimated taxi fare is R$ 160,00 from Guarulhos Airport to USP region.

2)      Bus-metroservice: Outside Terminal 2 – if you arrive at Terminal 3, just take the shuttle to Terminal 2 right outside the arrivals area –, look for the Airport Bus Service ticket office. Buy a ticket to Tietê Station for R$45,50 (they accept cash or credit card). Take the bus in one of the platforms. Once you arrive at Tietê, go the Metrô ticket office. You will be in the Line 1- Blue. From there, you can easily go to many places of São Paulo. See the following map and photos for useful information. 


3) Airport Bus Service also has other lines, connecting Guarulhos Airport to other areas of São Paulo directly. See the following link –


From Congonhas Airport (CGH)

In some cases, your connecting flight might go to Congonhas, a regional airport surrounded by populous neighborhoods of São Paulo. From there, the easiest way to go to USP region is by taxi. The estimated fare is R$ 60,00. See other useful information via this link:


From and to Instituto de Física – USP

The conference activities will occur at the "Faculdade de Arquitetura (FAU)" and at the “Instituto de Física” of Univesity of São Paulo. They are located very close each others at the following addresses: Rua do Lago, 876 and Rua do Matão, Travessa R, 187 - Cidade Universitária. 


You can get there by the following options:

Metro and Taxi:

In Line 4 – Yellow, go to Butantã Station. This is the closest Metro station to USP.From there, it is easy to get a taxi.

Metro and Bus

In Line 4 – Yellow, go to Butantã Station. Once you leave the station, go to the Bus Terminal. Look for buses 8012-10 or 8022-10. Both will go to USP. See the following maps and schedules for useful information.


Using the public transportation system of São Paulo

1)      If you use the Metro system, you can purchase a unit ticket in any station. The unit ticket is valid for a one-way trip. We recommend buying the number of tickets you will need for multiple trips, in order to avoid lines. Current fare for a unit ticket is R$ 3,80. More information via Metro website:


2)      If you use the Bus system, pay directly to the collector (not the driver). Only money is accepted. Current fare for a single trip is R$ 3,80.


Visiting São Paulo

It is very easy to go to the famous touristic places of São Paulo using the Metro system. See the following link for more information:



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